Deep Cuts: Volume One

As part of this site’s rebirth, I’ve started slowly migrating posts over from previous House of Kyle incarnations. The latest batch now in place is from my time on Tumblr (from 2009-2016). I’ve opted to still leave the short-form stuff over there, but thought I’d showcase a few flashbacks from this adorable pre-Trump era:

11/11/14: Favorite Sitcom Title Sequences

11/24/12: Kyle’s Top Ten Magic Mountain Coasters

9/10/12: My Epic James Bond Post 2: The Novels and Short Stories

9/1/12: Leaving Ning

8/5/12: Parallel Parks

8/1/12: My Animated .GIF Series (To Date)

10/6/11: Steve

8/19/11: My Epic James Bond Post

6/28/10: iPhone 4

12/30/09: Decade in Review

Stay tuned in the future as I link to archived stuff from the Blogger days (2000-2009) and beyond.

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